Inspired but Original (Companion Cube)

This is my second post (on a roll!)

When I bought my glow forge a few months ago, I had some ideas of what I wanted to do, but before I could do them, I really wanted to try and learn how to use this new wonderful tool. I started out with a couple of very simple prints like most people, but then wanted to challenge myself a bit and see if I could do “more” with it. I spent some time trying to see what others had created (on this forum and throughout the internet) and found so many incredible ideas. But I settled on this one:

This one jumped out at me because it was both something that made me happy ( who doesn’t love a good puzzle box) and something I could make for my daughter (she loves Portal the video game). For this build, I was truly inspired by a number of others out there (too many to link). But this also my first truly from scratch design for me. It utilizes techniques from others, but I made the design and worked through many iterations to improve it.

Funny moment was when i was putting it together, I thought at first it wasn’t right, it was so tight I couldn’t put the lid on. I later figured out that it was so precise that it was actually air tight and the lid couldn’t displace the air. I ended up cutting a very small grove in the inner edge of the lid to let air escape and it worked great.

Anyway, it was a really fun design and like my other builds inspired by others so I wanted to return the favor. Hope you like it.


Fabulous! You deserve the whole cake, not just a slice!

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Totally impressive - love to see what you come up next if this is what you do after a little while! :smiley:


Clever incorporation of cutouts in the design on that locking mechanism! Great job! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. My goal was to maximize and simplify the inside of the box. Many of the designs I saw were very chunky, and I was hoping to avoid that. I really liked how clean the inside was, and if I had used wood instead of acrylic on the inside top, you would barely know the lock was there.

Amazing piece! You really should share more of your work.


That’s cool!

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Really a great design and build! Love that!

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Very inspirational! Wow!