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Ive been wanting to make coasters for our kitchen but haven’t been able to figure out what i wanted to put on them. BUT, thanks to @ctowen87 dropping a couple of svg file into the forum I was able to whip something up. My wife is a big Harry potter fan but i didn’t want to be completely overt with the design. The deadly hollows symbol was a great compromise.

Recently ive also be really impressed with the presentation and rendering that @polarbrainfreeze does. So, decided it was time to remote into work and flex the solidworks muscles. I havent had to render a picture in a couple years so it was fun to try and dig up the old skills.

It needs a little work on texture, but ill catch up to you @polarbrainfreeze :wink:

Attached are the dxf files. They are designed for 3mm stock. but i havent tested the fit yet, i promise the stand will need glue.

coaster holder 1.DXF (24.4 KB)
coaster holder 2.DXF (24.0 KB)
coaster.DXF (21.2 KB)

fyi the coaster dxf doesnt have the engrave on it. So you can change it to whatever you want. But again, i got it from @ctowen87 here

Thanks guys for push and inspiration.


Wow, thanks! Would make great Christmas presents, customized for each recipient.


Thanks for the design.

BTW, I can’t take much credit for the renders I do, it’s pretty much all due to Fusion 360. I make the model, assign some material, put in the position I want, and then tell Fusion to do the render. It’s render engine does all the work. They did an awesome job with it.


This is a cool collaboration between you and @ctowen87. Thanks for sharing (and for including the files)!


Very nice Nick!
Thanks for sharing the inspiration - and the files! :sunglasses:


Beautiful! And ooooohhh, reminds me of Half-Life…that would rock!!


im pretty sure that was in the SVG files. I think its in the “Valve” folder.


I haven’t done much in Fusion in a while, but I just downloaded a file for an Adirondack chair and I want to recreate it in Fusion so I can laser cut some templates.