Instagram! Let's follow each other!

I use it for my knifemaking school -

Looking forward to showcasing the :glowforge: when it makes its way downunder. Very keen on packaging and storage options for our creations as well as letting students personalise their blades with signatures and cool designs. Leather sheathes open all kinds of possibilities with the :glowforge:.

Like everyone I can’t wait, but will have to :slight_smile:

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Mostly cards and cats, with a little copper, here:

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Not much yet either. I’m really into historic burial grounds, my cats and corgi so you are going to see a lot of that. lol Once I get the GF then there will be lots of that instead.


That deer with the skeleton antlers is amazing! <3

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I don’t do any form of social media. I wish some times I did so I could follow you people on more than just these forums.


Beautiful photography!

here’s the thing…you could!

Here I am – mostly laser-cut stuff and photos from craft shows (I’m not the best at remembering to actually post to it, but I’m getting there…with frequent reminders):

fun! @imagineform

I have some lasered stuff way far back, but more recent stuff is mainly knitting and random Frenchness. Here’s to more laser posts soon!


I love this idea!! All I had on Instagram was a personal account that hasn’t been touched in two years, so I just made a new one for all my projects :smile: my account is steph.makes.stuff

Expect a few random cat photos for when inspiration is running dry haha


Although I’ve had an account set up for a while I haven’t uploaded any photos. I’ll try to amend that soon! And hopefully with lots of GF created items before too long!

Thank you! I don’t think much of my photographic skills so that is nice to hear.

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Haha! I try to remember to snap a photo for the gram during every project I’m doing!

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Here’s mine!

@jkopel, I like your 8-sided die :wink: I need a whole polyhedral set!


It’s weird when strangers follow me IRL.
Strangers following me on the 'gram isn’t quite so weird.

work stuff (lasers and digital printing and vinyl graphics):

other stuff (mostly my dog):


Enjoyed that link, we are kindred.

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With those Followers/Posts numbers you can see I am not active. But I will start for you guys. Until I get my Glowforge I can post some other projects. I am finishing up building a pool table from scratch. Stay tuned.


I must say this to people who hate social media (FYI I can’t get on with Snapchat, Twitter seems pointless to me and to me Facebook is an energy and life force sucking place most of the time)… Instagram to me is very different. There is very little actual socializing or talking and more sharing of visuals and ideas and inspiration (if you choose to follow those types of accounts). I keep a personal one and a work one and you can have them both to switch between… so I only follow work stuff on my work account so I can get inspired without having my friends kids going #2 on the potty for the first time (oh the joys!) bogging me down. lol

My favorite thing however, is how you can organically get followers that turn into customers incredibly easy simply through hashtags. I was impressed when I saw all the follows and likes I got from random strangers and realized if I put time into any social media it would be this one. :slight_smile:


I agree… you have a very cohesive style and all the things they tell you to do on IG. lol

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