Instant Catan


Yesterday morning, my daughter visits me with some time on her hands. She had been playing Settlers of Catan with her friends regularly, so I threw out the idea of us creating her own custom board. One day-long story short… She drew each tile, I imported them into Illustrator using Adobe Capture (killer!). After some measuring and prototypes in cardboard, I had the pieces dialed in. A few hours of engraving, scoring and cutting… One totally custom Catan board. She is thrilled.


Love it, looks really great! And more so love the speed at which the :glowforge: lets you crank stuff out.

What’s the final piece made out of?


Went with draft board. It’s a great project as I am still getting comfortable with Illustrator. The best way to learn something is to have a purpose and a deadline. A good one-day build is a perfect challenge.


The deadline! Keeps my panic monster around and so the instant gratification monkey stays away!


This is from one of my favorite TED talks. Well done!


Great job on the board! (Excellent artwork!) :grinning:


thank you!


Very nice.


This post prompted my instant gratification monkey to google it, good talk!
For those who want their gratification even more instant:


Personalized board, chips and salsa… what else could you need? Sounds like you and your daughter had quite a day!


Do you have any plans to share your design? I understand if you don’t, but this is absolutely gorgeous.


The answer is guacamole. You always need guacamole.




I spoke to my daughter and she would be thrilled to share the design. I can imagine how wonderful it will be to see what others in this community will do with it! I’ve got a fair bit to clean up, and then I will post the files in this thread.

What is the best way to do this? Should I just post, svgs, or should I post the original illustrator file?


Also… My wife has become inspired to make a new design as well. I love her style, so stay tuned for a more folksy version. Here is our marriage contract that she made for us

… This is her style. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.


Great family project! I really like your daughter’s drawings.