Instant Inkscape! Creating Amazing Text for the Glowforge

Fun an Fast, check out how easy it can be to create text for the Glowforge.


Nicely done! Shifted to the Tutorials section again! :grinning:


Thank you! I just received some LaserBond 100. =) Anxious to create some new vids, “but that hrs in the day” issue is limiting me. =)


I hear that! :smile:


Nicely presented. Short and sweet :sunglasses::trophy:


Thank you, this is the most concise instructions I’ve seen for this process. I have shared your link with my students and fellow teachers. I will certainly check out your other tutorials.


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Thanks! If anyone notes anything I need to tweak, do not hesitate to let me know. I like when we find that sweet spot were everyone is successful… then taking the new skill and creating EPIC stuff. =)

Great video! Someone recently mentioned I should do a tutorial on text art … think this pretty well covers it.

I use Silhouette Studio software, and wanted a tutorial to cover Inkscape/Illustrator etc. I think your video covers it. Even if someone uses a different software … they at least know what type of function they’re looking for.


=) Glad it fits. Is Silhouette Studio a free tool? I tend to always lean towards free tools. =) I will have to check out some of your vids to see what it is like. Thanks for note and have a great Sunday!

My software was for the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine … but, I bought the Business Designer edition. Although I downloaded Inkscape years ago … I stayed with what I could move quickly in.

I don’t have any videos. :slight_smile: You have a great Sunday, also!

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My bad… I was confused when you mentioned doing a tutorial up above…

Love it! You just saved me some major time in both designing and cutting with the GF. Win Win

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That’s great! Thank You! I am new to the Glowforge and while I figured there was a way to do this you have saved me a ton of time and put it in a way that is easy to follow.

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