Instant Inkscape - Getting Creative with Curved Text

An even simpler Curved Text workflow.


I leave mine up all the time on the second screen…

Looking it says Shift+ CTL+Tis the short cut for those without dual screens. :grin:

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I do as well, but the text toolbar I am speaking of has character spacing adjustments. Check this spot in the video. I cannot find those on the Ctrl-Shift-T menu.

This stuff?..

It may be in the kerning one. It is right where when I first create text. I am going to check quick.

I don’t use Inkscape, but think this will help those that do. I always enjoy your videos.

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Thank you. I enjoy sharing them. This one is already obsolete as someone found the magic key I needed to make the process even simpler. :+1:

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It was F8. A user on reddit tracked it down for me. I remade the movie with the new skill as it is way slicker.

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