Instashield for baseball caps

Obviously not for use in a medical facility.

My mom ordered this and sent me the information. Thought this was unusual and wondered what any of our members that might work in the medical community think of this for use by others for use in grocery stores, or wherever they may go. I wasn’t sure if it was giving enough protection on the sides.

I don’t want my 80+ year old parents to think it will protect them, and give them a false sense of security if up front there is an issue with the design.

It says it could be made out of PVC (I know not for GF) or PETG depending on availability. Get to their FAQ by just adding FAQ to the end of the link below.

Instashield face shield for baseball caps

Thank you.

Sorry they fell for it. At least it only costs $2.

i mean, i can’t see why that would work any less than any other generic shield. it’s a transparent piece of plastic that blocks moist air coming at you. i’m sure it’s better than no face shield.


I agree. If the slot for the hat bill is tight enough, the friction fit should keep it on. Adding a mask would extend the protection - mask protects other people from you & the face shield protects you from airborne droplets. You’d need to be sanitary when handling it - wash/disinfect it and your hands before touching anything else after wearing it.


I’d wear it with a mask… Here’s an article from a few months ago (so, ancient history in this pandemic…):


Face shields are to prevent direct transmission at close range, such as having an infected patient cough or sneeze directly into your face.

They are totally ineffective at preventing inhalation of suspended moisture droplets that may be carrying the virus.

That’s why face shields and masks are work in medical facilities.

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This still have very GOOD information. I will send a link to my mom so she can show stepdad (he won’t believe it unless it is on TV or video). :slight_smile:

@eflyguy I am soooooooo glad you wrote this. That is definitely getting passed along as well to my mother and my mother-in-law (who visits homes of a few elderly patients and cares for them as her job).

When I get called back to work, I believe we will be required to wear face masks when we have to work in the office (non-medical field). Those that can work from home will be allowed to until it is safer for all of us to show up at one time. Basically if we get up from our desk, we should be wearing one plus keeping the social distancing done (which won’t be difficult since only about 10% will be in the office at first). Wondering about the face shield, because you could just keep that on all the time. hmmm

I know the masks that I have been making for them and the rest of my family can be difficult to breathe through outside in the heat and humidity. Thankfully mom lives in a State with a LOT of dry heat. My masks are 2 layers of cotton and a Filti filter inserted.

Thank you all!

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