Insteon Shut down

without any warning or notice… all my insteon home automation products are now junk…


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I think in the future this sort of thing is bound to happen more and more often. I have a few different products that depend on the continued success of the company.

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kind of like a certain… laser engraver we all know… :slight_smile:


Ouch. I hope you didn’t have too many of their products…something easily swappable…

Just half my house :frowning:

Okay…Double ouch. The no warning thing is quite scary…I’m very sorry to hear that. That’s going to be a lot of work.

Time to check out Home Assistant.


the other half of my house is on wifi - I will just replace the dead insteon’s


that sucks. i remember when automatic basically said, “all the original units are useless, but we’ll give you a few dollars toward buying one of the newer, more expensive models.”

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I had a lot of Insteon stuff but man, it just kept dying… it was so flaky! I had begun to distance myself from it long before this shameful final chapter.

Now I have a Hubitat hub and a combination of Zigbee and Zwave gear.

Smell ya later, Insteon!

On the comments on arstechnica there are some mitigation strategies to keep running briefly then transition away to other technologies.

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