Instructables 3D scanning class


Thought this was interesting. Free 3d scanning class using Autodesk ReMake.


I should give this a try as I have had zero success at camera only 3d scanning.


Cool, thanks!


Perhaps it’s my age, but I’m always instantly put off by a pop up that wants me to sign in for something .
So, not for me.


:grinning: I’m with you. I wonder what gets for emails.

I’ve found a lot of sign ups don’t actually check before granting access that an email address is valid. Except there are plenty that require verification that is irritating and just one more reason to hate spammers and boots!


Instructables don’t seem to spam. I just get a newsletter from them that show some cool (and sometimes stupid) projects that i’m pretty sure i can opt out of.


I get it but Instructables will do you right.


I refuse to create accounts for no reason too, but Instructables (an Autodesk entity) also allows contributors to sell online courses. This offering happens to be free, but they use the same content management system to allow users to sign up for the $ ones.

Having an account also allows you to keep track of your favorites and contribute your own.

Oh, and if you have a free Autodesk account (for using Fusion 360, for example), you can log in with it.