Instrument name tag

So my middle child decided to up and move with me out of no where. So today she brings papers from school and her band teacher sends home a packet. As I’m reading I see instrument cases must have a name tag. To which I say sounds great time to bust out my glowforge!! I make a couple designs to which my child decides on one she likes. I upload it and let her press the button as she watches how it comes out. I made a leather strap but I have to redesign it (make it longer). I have to admit i had to make the hole in the name tag bigger so i popped out the drill to make it bigger but other then that flawless and happy with the result. So forge on people and I will be showing my child how to forge of course with parental supervision. She is a really great drawer so i cant wait to trace her drawings and make them into projects later on.


This will definitely stand out from the rest.

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Pretty! :grinning:

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Nice! Hope your daughter is also inspired to become a maker!

Those look great! I am afraid they’re so neat looking that you might start a my-case-has-a-better-tag-than-your-case situation. (Granted, we all already know who has won). :slightly_smiling_face:

It will be great to see some of your daughter’s designs traced then engraved. I hope there is an opportunity to share once a few have been completed.


Ha! I defy anyone to steal that clarinet (oboe? Flute?) now!


What a beautiful tag … And great memory making it with her!

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Wonderful tag and sure to be in demand once the rest of the band see’s it!