Insulated noise reducing exhaust hose?

Has anyone any experience of using these / recommendations for a specific type.
I’m getting a quiet 6 inch inline fan but there seems to be quite a lot of noise generated from the hose itself.
In my case the hose needs to be movable.

There are a bunch of posts about this.

Search for “insulated duct” and you’ll find them.

Here’s one:


It really worked for me! but it won’t silence your glowforce completely :slight_smile:
Can’t remember the specs of the hose anymore what i bought. But if you have a 3D printer
i did make a adapter for the glowforce to the hose!
if you want to edit it i have it in inventor format too!

GFAfvoer.stl (361.2 KB)

I did, and I’m not sure it made much of a difference. When I changed my layout it was too big (not really made to be cut down) so I swapped for a regular hose and can’t tell the difference.

You also said it needed to be movable, once opened they are a beggar to squash down again. (true of both sorts but much worse with the insulated hose).

I find the bonus of the insulated hose is that the microtears that you will get in the hose are now dumping into insulation instead of my room…it lasts longer :slight_smile:


It definitely made a difference for me. I purchased the insulated hose shortly after acquiring my glowforge and immediately noticed a difference in the noise level. It was several more months before I added the inline fan and the noise level drop was much more remarkable, wish I had made that investment from the start. With a move, the insulated hose did not survive and I haven’t replaced it and not sure that I really miss it now that I have the inline fan.


There will be little benefit to an insulated hose if you are using an external duct fan.


That’s my setup - and it’s worth it.

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