Insuring your Glowforge

Howdy folks,

Insurance… well… it sounds like a good idea, having a safety net to protect your investment a bit. For those that purchased from Amazon there apparently a choice of two providers… “SquareTrade” and “Asurion”.

Anyone have any thoughts as to the relative comparison of these two companies as far as performance history, value vs cost, coverage comparison, etc?

I would be interested in any thought/experience that anyone is willing to share.

Home and renters insurance is generally going to cover most possessions. Why specifically insure the GF if you have those other things already? Just let your insurer know about it, and it should be good to go (depending on your policy).

I told my State Farm Agent to add it to my home owners.

Be sure to talk with your agent about specifics. They tend to lump a lot of things under ‘hobby equipment’ or some such umbrella language and put a finite cap on it that may have little bearing on real value.

Don’t find this out the hard way. I lost a lot of things in a house fire. Hobby equipment. $500. Ouch!


Think he is not talking about theft, flood or fire insurance. Those companies cover a device if it breaks and usually offer extended warranty periods.


Ah, interesting thought.

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