Interactive Acrylic Art Device



I have been creating interactive digital art devices using laser cut acrylic. In most cases they are controlled by an Arduino and incorporate a variety of sensors. This is the largest I have built. It’s about 3 feet high and includes a DMX lighting controller, four proximity sensors, a 12 inch speaker and a several incandescent light bulbs, one of which is over a foot high. The device responds to the viewers proximity.


do you have any video of this in action

really neet !


What a wonderful object!


Yeah, I’d love to see it in action as well! :relaxed:


I LOVE this! Beautiful!


Very nice!


OMG, that is insane…the talent and skills here are unbelievable.


I should make some video. It’s kind of interesting to see it in action.


Here are a couple more. I’ve made a bunch of them. I found I had a hard time using glue, so they are all held together with brass screw or cable ties. I love the box joint for joining .25" acrylic pieces.


A video showing the function would definately be cool!


Very cool 40s like sci fi looking.


Please sir, I want more!


Very impressive. I once had to let go of a vintage 8 channel tascam amp/mixer that was getting thrown away. I so wanted to repurpose all the knobs and things. I had no idea what for. Now I know. You actually put this stuff to work. Way to go!


A few more. I am looking forward to receiving my Glowforge so I can continue my project.