Interested in Cutting/Engraving Used empty Cigar boxes

I just got my glow forge. I have about 25 existing used cigar boxes (thicker wooden ones with sliding lids and lids that clasp.) Various finishes and various sizes (The cigar store near me sells me them .50 each).

Has anyone taken an existing aftermarket cigar box and crafted something with it?

Please share your pictures-i need some ideas


You can cut and engrave anything you like, it doesn’t have to be a cigar box project. Don’t limit yourself :slight_smile:

That being said I did this:

Gift box for my Pisces sister


I’ve been embellishing wood cigar boxes for years…tooled leather on the top to cover existing designs…

The GF has saved my worsening carpal tunnel!


I was thinking about actually cutting a pattern on the lids…either like carved scroll work or and etched scene. They were very cheap but they are also or appear to be veneer in regards to the wood “stain” color. It comes off if scraped. I thought i might sand them first in some cases and then engrave and then seal. Your boxes are adorable with the leather focal piece!!

Most of the ones I get (for Free!) are solid wood with brand engraving and a thick shellac-type finish. I sanded a few but it was too labor intensive for my price point.

Have fun!

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EXACTLY-so i think i agree with you…since the cheapy ones WITHOUT varnish or stain and engraving are just as good was wondering if it was worth it

Try a few and see

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Pricier to make your own but I think it is worth it. If you were doing decoupage then coming up with the box would be hard though getting free or very cheap actual brass fittings might be worth it. Plain boxes of cheap material and brand new or even of fancy woods can be cheaper than the wood but fighting my way to the bottom of the market is not a goal of mine.


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