Interesting auction in Cambridge, ON , Canada

I’m somewhat of an auction addict, and love scoring a good deal, even if it sadly is at the expense of an unfortunate closure of someone else’s business…
There is an interesting auction starting March 1st in Cambridge, ON, which will include many toys, such as a 2016 Epilog 8000 Laser Mini 60 watt, a 2016 Full Spectrum FSL6090 150 watt and a 2015 Full Spectrum LC1290 80 watt. other interesting things there too, a taz6 3d printer, cnc routers, vinyl cutters, lots of raw material, and much more.
I’m staying away from this one, as I’m in Montreal, but I’m sure some of you are interested.
note that this is a timed auction, so it’s not a live on-site auction where an auctioneer auctions off the lots 1 by 1, rather it is 100% online and all lots are selling concurrently. it starts march 1st but might be going on for a week or more. there is usually no last second “sniping” as typically bidding at the last few minutes will add time to the clock for that lot. from experience it is harder to find a great deal at timed auctions, but if you live nearby and can visit the location, there is always a great chance to make a more informed bid and find a steal.
good luck,


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