Interesting - Dimensioning Instrument

Dont know if its been mentioned here before but kinda want one. Might be a great addition to GF.


Definitely want one!


My wonderful girlfriend got me one!


Huh, took me a second to figure out how it works. super cool!


Cool, but I feel like this would get used twice and put in a drawer, never to be seen again. At least in my case, ha.


That’s kinda where I’m at. It COULD be fantastic in my line of work and what im using GF for , incredible efficient but… if it works like crap, is not durable or requires me to alter or fix the trace in any way with another program before raster and print then it will enter the realm of cool but useless gadgets.


It’s a modern take on an opisometer.

It looks like it could be handy at times, but the form-factor is pretty dumb in my opinion (especially considering a superior form-factor has been around for a long time, possibly well over a century).


How well does it work - especially for 3D shapes?


Well I had it in my hands for about an hour before having to run off to a hellacious work assignment in Minneapolis. It’s been a ride without much sleep. And an all too rare and brief weekend back.

So in the app you pretty much have to select your dimensions and label them.

The device honestly isn’t much different than those wheels you roll around that measure your race course precisely, only it has a laser for visual alignment if you are not tracking exactly over a dimension.

Getting accurate measurements seems to require a lot of practice and maybe skill. I found the rolling measuring wheel at the tip slid on many surfaces producing inaccurate results. but I’m sure avoiding excessively slick surfaces and learning the right amount of pressure and angle to hold it at will fix that.

So that’s my exceptionally brief experience with it. There is however hope. Next month I am likely to return home, and can try more with it after placating the family, friends, and most important Girl Friend.


@ihermit2: So they actually have made and released this one now? It has been on my list of “Well, if they actually deliver the pre-orders, I need to get one for myself!” since I first saw it.

You said next month you hope to try it, not sure if that was calendar month, or flat out 4 weeks. Hoping you are back to play.


they tell me maybe next week. it’s been frustrating

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Ouch, hope the delay is productive or at least there is some kind of compensation ><

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I work by the hour and like the opportunity to make sure there is satisfaction to my customer. So that plus the challenges of finding problems does make it rewarding.

Ooh! A troubleshooting job? I love those!

EDIT: As long as the answer is not consistently “User Error”