Interesting illustration of how wood is cut

Trust me, it’s worth a read.


If you really want to get into detail concerning the Deformations section in your link, memorize this formulae: T=2R.

T=Tangential Shrinkage
R=Radial Shrinkage

Most wood shrinks roughly 4 to 8 percent when drying.

So, tangential shrinkage is twice radial, now you can go back thru all those illustrations in the link you provided and determine what the lumber from each type of cut with look like after it dries, shrinks and warps!

Or, when you are at the lumber yard looking at green wood, you can figure it out there too and pick out the best boards.

Pick the pile and select the quartersawn boards, they may shrink, but warp will be minimized.

And, quartersawn is gorgeous!

Thanks for posting thist!!! How the log is cut and where the board is in the log greatly affects its quality and characteristics.