Interesting Title, Additional 2020 Ornaments

Having had my GF for 3 years meow, means that I’ve made some ornaments in the past. I suppose the difference this year is the accumulation of my previous year’s knowledge and people I know wanting something specific, but with my touch added.

So first I made some gnomes for a friend, which were a ton of fun to design.

They’re two layers of painted MDF, and if I decide to do these again next year, I’ll paint the entire sheets instead of the pieces individually. I’ve actually already got white and black sheets painted, so green and grey will need to be added to the mix. Also will probably invest in the 3M tape everybody on facebook is obsessed with, but I digress.

Alright, as I mentioned at the beginning, I’ve made ornaments each year I’ve had my machine. This year, coming hot off the gnomes, I decided to do a double layer ornament.

I love making tropical themed items to remind people I live in one of the best places in the world :wink: So I decided a nice little sunrise/sunset with some palm trees was perfect.

Finally my best friend and his wife are serious Potterheads. Their first tattoos were of a quote, so they’re pretty serious. He called me a couple of weeks ago proudly telling me how they finally made an entirely HP themed Christmas tree, so sure, I doubt that he wouldn’t hang the tropical ornament that I made, but I wanted to be sure that he would hang one that I made.

Had this idea right after and followed through with it. I have a photo printer (though I guess a regular printer on some cardstock would work just as well), found a HP themed background, printed it off, sealed, glued and masked it to some of my painted draftboard, and got that layer taken care of. Used medium Basswood for the glasses, and sat there with a dumb smile in my face over how neat everything I had made in one day was. Right, I designed and made all of this yesterday, needless to say, I was a bit burned out by the time I was going to bed, only for my wife to mention we need 10 more of the tropical ornaments before we jump on our flight later today :sweat_smile:

Anyway, hope y’all enjoyed these and are maybe inspired to do some yourself. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to the lot of you!


Love the gnomes! I incorporated a bunch into the gift wrap this year! :+1:


I always like to see what you are making and imagine you basking in the Hawaiian sunshine. I am a gnome fan because they remind me of Tomtes.


Some great work. The gnomes are seriously cute. I would want the tropical themed one … should I ever visit Hawaii. Harry Potter one is very cute.


Those are very varied, but cute ornaments!


Nice work! Love the variety! The HP is nice, but I like the Hawaiian Themed ornament. I wish I was in Hawaii now!


We are visiting family in Utah right now - and I’ve become so accustomed to the Hawaiian lifestyle, I apparently thought getting on the airplane with my slippers (mind you, no socks), was appropriate. Of course I didn’t pack my one pair of shoes, since while packing my socks I had thought I would be wearing them.

We got off the plane, I also didn’t bring a jacket since we have a storage unit here with our winter gear, and there I was walking down the pickup area with a t-shirt, pants, and my slippers on in 40 degree weather. I, too, wished I was in Hawaii then :sweat_smile:


When life gets back to a place that most of us are used to and if you make a trip that way, I would be glad to make you a tropical themed ornament!