Internal Live Feed Camera

Has anyone had success with an internal live feed camera? I’m looking to be able to shoot video from inside, like glowforge shows in some of their promotional material. It looks like one could probably insert a camera via the rear pass through on the Pro and leave it in the back right corner, which is where it appears to be in the Glowforge videos.

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Just use a self-contained GoPro or similar, or prop a phone up inside…

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I used a Go Pro hero and stuck it in the lower right of the bed and made sure the design was in a place that the camera wouldn’t be disturbed.


I was able to stick my phone in that back corner, and up against the front door to get video - but like @marmak3261 said, design positioning is important!

I put a permanent camera in mine to monitor jobs, (under the power button) if you map out where the gantry and head are (create a choreography) and place camera at those locations, you may be able to get the ‘glam’ shots your looking for… most people shoot thru the top glass, and edit the video


You sure have a clean glowforge. I am jealous. :smiley:

I cleaned it for ‘company’ :stuck_out_tongue:
and it still has that ‘new glowforge smell’