International credits (time is running out to spend them)

Any word yet on international customers being able to use the Shop and Catalog yet?
It’s starting to look as if I’ll never get the chance to spend my credits or use my 10% discount.
It seems to be an unreasonable amount of time to sort a simple e-shop, part of which doesn’t even ship any physical goods.
I tolerated the delay on getting my GF, it’s a complex piece of machinery.
I am finding the delay on being able to use my credits way more annoying.

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You’ve got a great point.

Pretty sure GF staff doesn’t actively monitor this category. You might want to email that question to support or make a new post in problems and support.


In the June 2018 update dan stated, that international buyers discount starts 6 months from international Proofgrade launch. so I wouldn’t worry. much.

June 2018 Update:


I don’t believe the credits actually expire, do they? Just the Founders Discount (which hopefully will be extended again since you’re unable to use it. I’d wager that it is extended for y’all).

Hopefully they get it sorted out soon.

Must be one of the perils of a self-created system since most of the off-the-shelf solutions can take care of the proper taxes to be remitted, etc on digital downloads, etc.


ylene jbmanning5
Thank you both.
I think I may have got my wires a little crossed there.
Thanks for straightening them out again.


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