International Delivery - Spain - 7th March 2018


Glowforge is due TODAY! YAY! Finally!

Sadly, proofgrade is arriving TOMORROW lol

Oh well!


Big congrats :grinning:


And in the end GF arrived… with proof grade box as well!!!

This is huge!!!




Congratulations! :grinning:


It’s amazing how you got it a whole 10 years before us and never said anything! :wink:


Heh. I noticed that too. But anyway, huge congrats—now start making!


Hey man, I think its fair to keep it a secret. There’s more than a few people who would’ve been outraged :laughing:

Anyway, congrats OP on getting your machine, say goodbye to any free time you had!


Outstanding! The fun begins!


Yes it is huge … And ever so fabulous! Have fun!


LOL just noticed! Thats what excitement is about! :smiley:


@bolsoncerrado, congrats! I received the email from them a few months ago saying my unit was ready… But only filled the form last week. Can you pls share how long it took you to get the unit after filling the form saying you want it now?




A week, roughly.




Gracias!!! :slight_smile:

(we say “Felicidades!” :D)


That’s what I get for relying on Google Translate. I’m embarrassed!

I used to go to Barcelona every year for a conference, too, so I really have no excuse.



When are you coming AGAIN? :smiley:


Unfortunately until I can pass a Glowforge off as a mobile device, I won’t have an excuse to attend Mobile World Congress again. But in the mean time, here’s a picture of our twins when they were 3 months old with my wife and mother-in-law at La Sagrada Familia. They all joined me for the conference! (they’re 9 now)


You should try :wink:
This works much better than the big competitor!