International shipping email notification

Is this another post asking about international shipping and when it’s going to be announced?

Amazingly no!

Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise of an email asking me if I’d like a new Glowforge shipped to the UK!

Spent ages reading the warranty and terms of service and everything looked legit to me, so said yes.

Part of me is saying wait until others get theirs so any potential problems can get smoothed out, but I’m pretty impatient and occasionally naïve. I’ve been given fair warning and with eyes wide open I’m still super excited!


Congratulations! Dan announced earlier today that international shipments would begin soon, but I think you’re the first person to say they’ve received the email!


Ahh. The Golden email. It just makes time go by even slower!

Congrats! And fingers crossed for a textbook delivery!


Can you imagine waiting all that time for a Glowforge and all you get is a stinking textbook!?


Hello Paul,

When yours arrives can you tell us your experience with customs, it’s still a bit vague as to the cost so your experience will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @s_m_ford ,

I already have it! UPS took care of the customs side. They sent an email when the Glowforge was in the States on its way to me letting me know I had to pay £730 something in custom fees and brokerage fees (for a Pro model). That link to pay didn’t work, so once the Glowforge was in the UK I could call them up and pay by card. They said they could accept cash with the driver, but I had a slight issue with the proof grade payment, so thought I would pay by card in advance to be safe.

And they machine is great, I know it’s not fully featured (yet) but honestly for what I’m using (and planning to use) it for it works really well so far and more so is easy to use.

Hope you get yours soon!

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Crikey! Hope the basic model comes in a little cheaper than that on import duty…

Congratulations on the international shipment :slight_smile: