Interstate sign test

Wanted to make these signs for the snowmobile trail that runs through our property in Vermont. 802 is the only area code for Vermont and there will be four of them, a north, east. west, and south.

It was nice having the tape already on the wood because it made a perfect mask when paining. The actual ones will be made from acrylic because they will last longer outside so we will probably hang this one up somewhere inside.


Chuckle! Again, i thought it was a professionally made road sign! :smile:
(Like what’s the deal taking a picture of a road sign?) :rofl:


haha thanks! maybe I should’ve put the pictures in order.


No, they look great, I’m just teasing. (That’s going to be a well marked trail!) :wink:

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My gears are turning for “Man Cave” signs.


it would be perfect for that! there are plenty of blank templates for a bunch of different signs just on google.

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Cool! I also thought it was the real thing.

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A technique question: Is the sign made up of multiple layers glued together, or did you take one piece and do a whole lot of engraving to get the relief on the letters and numbers?

I was lazy and just engraved one piece. It took 2 hours so it would have been much faster to use multiples and cut them but I didn’t have enough material for that.