Into the 21st Century

In addition to making handcrafted pens I sell maintenance, parts and operator manuals for interstate and transit buses that were manufactured from the 1920s to the 1980s. About 20 years ago I scanned all of the hard copies to PDF files and burnt them to CDs. It seems now that fewer and fewer people have CD drives but they do have USB ports.
It’s easy to put a label on a CD but where do you put a label on a thumb drive?
Glowforge to the rescue.




Nice fix! I’ve noticed the same thing re: “lack o’ label space” on today’s thumbs. :sunglasses::+1:

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Cool … now how to print a label on the “disk” the size of a fingernail or read it if you could…

A customer was kind enough to post a YouTube video about my thumb drives.


What a great endorsement! There’s nothing like a happy customer.

Huh? He did, see pics…

You could put the “chip” in a thumb drive but labeling the chip would be harder.

Ehhh…not so much with this machine. :wink:


It would still be hard to read without that microscope gadget.

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