Intricate wooden puzzle



Don’t recall seeing this on the fora…


The endlessly-watching eyes of the Glowforge faithful miss nothing :wink::


So (referring to the kerf discussion)how would something like this compensate for kerf? I would assume you would cut it from one piece, cutting “on” the line. Would the kerf just be negligible? these pieces seem pretty darn precise. :confused:


I think if you compensated for kerf the pieces would be very hard to make fit!


Wouldn’t want to compensate for kerf on this. See how the pieces just drop in…that’s the beauty if it.


The piece just disappears into the puzzle… absorbed.


So you’re saying it’s just cut on the lines and the kerf is small enough for a nice fit (and lines are pasrt of the piece actually).


If you picked it up, the pieces would probably fall out if it was flat. But for this particular application it works perfectly. They would wiggle just a bit if you moved them, but a very little bit.


This is so satisfying to watch, for some reason.