Intricate wooden writing clock


Makes some of those kinetic sculptures look simple.
Wonder what it sounds like

Complicated Wooden Clock

soooo coool


Dear lord, ummmmm I have wants though…and this is on the list!

Here is who made it


Wow, that’s just crazy. I though the wooden clock I built was going to kill me. I can’t even imagine four clocks running together like this to produce what looks like a digital output.


Whoa there horsey. That is, beyond an order of magnitude, the most complex analogue way of producing a “digital” output since transistors replaced valves.


That is incredible!


I wonder if it could possibly be made any more complicated.
There is what appears to be an electrical lead from the top, but there are at least 4 weights involved.


Its four of the same engines just mounded in different positions that are all weight driven.

This is a picture of a simple wooden clock I built several years ago.


Nice! Doesn’t look like you could lose a finger in it like that monstrosity.


No, is very simple and slow moving, but is was sure fun to build, then the time it took to get it working and actually keep time. I ran it for about 6 months (winding two time a day and it would keep time to within about 2 minutes a week. Being wood this required frequent adjustments as the humidity changed. sometime it would run faster and other times it would run slower.


Ah, so Island Time! Send one down, I need to keep my watch updated lol