Introducing, Laslo_Glowbuddy. Or should I say... Old Blue Eye is back?



I’ve been working on my Escutcheon for a while (at least mentally). Most of the time meant sorting out Kerf issues and Keylocking the swappable bits (shown in the photos). I finally got to the point where I wanted to share. Enjoy!

The top of the photo shows the swap parts like arm and hair.

You can see that I added depth. Note the interchangeable arms.

It’s cool when the light is on, but it blew out the exposure (iPhone) and you can’t see the blue.

The Eye is loose and I can have him look in different directions. I may add an eyelid that the eye can tuck under for a non-complacent look.

Key locks are made by engraving out a top surface that nests inside an engraved cavity.

I may have had too much time on my hands.


Nope, looks just right.





That is simply fantabulous! :smile:


Incredibly creative!


If I do this my daughter will freak! It’s her favorite! Here’s her room


Oh my, that is just adorable!


This is so beautifully designed…great job!


That’s my favorite to date!


:star_struck: that is awesome!!


This is amazing… and also highly timely, as I just made a buddy of his out of craft paper on my forge last night! :slight_smile:


Super awesome!! Its fun to sculpt in Acrylic!


Another cute minion! Did you laser all those stitches? :grinning:


Looks fantastic! :banana:

Try taping on the pupil to set the focus and exposure there. It should try to adjust for the brighter light of the button. I use that technique to do panoramas that include the sunset.


Yeah, the stitches are actually 3 layers of paper carefully aligned… blue on top, then a white layer to see through for the stitching, then if you look carefully, there’s some black shadows that show through both the top blue and white layers. Would have been impossible to get that all to line up properly by hand. Hail lasers!


Fantastico! Love the minions.


This is incredible! You were always going to smile when using your Glowforge … but, now …

He’s amazing! Excellent work!


I love it!


LOVE THIS!!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing!!!


Deleted post when I realized you were referencing Elrond’s project