Inventables 2 color 1/8" Acrylic help

Any advice out there for cut settings? I keep ending up with sticky edges. Rubbing alcohol seems to help decently for clean up but not ideal. Cut it at 150/95 1 pass.

I’ve used it only briefly and used settings very close to what you are…150/100 1 pass. Don’t know what to tell you otherwise. Welcome to the community!


Are you keeping the clear masking on?
It tends to make a gooey mess at times to me, so I always remove it and either burn with no masking or mask it anew with a medium tack paper.


First time I left the film on, second time I removed it and switched to paper. I have read a few places that extruded acrylic vs. cast sometimes is the culprit of stickiness so I’m not sure if that is just how it will be.

Quite frankly, I don’t like using the stuff. Like @brokendrum, I ended up removing the plastic film and replacing it with paper masking…but, I still ended up not liking it. I was working on making some acrylic awards with text engraving on them. Just didn’t look very good so I gave it up and went another direction. And…it’s quite expensive, too.

Yeah I’m a bit disappointed with it as well. It is very pricey, but liked the two color aspect. Has anyone found any other places that offer the multicolored material?

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I don’t know if you’ll have much better luck. I’m pretty sure what I was using was also from Inventables. And, I think all of these kinds of acrylic are extruded.

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BF Plastics.

I think it’s all made by Rowmark.


Exactly… they are likely all sourcing from the same manufacturer - and even if there is more than one, they all manufacture the same way.

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I know it’s probably all the same, but I order from Trotec laser. Their prices are much better, and the stuff I ordered from JPPlus I had to return because it was really dirty and scratched. Trotec has their regular shop, and I use it because they often send coupons and I order enough for free shipping (their shipping is also super fast). I’ve gotten my veneered woods (which feel the same as the proofgrade) next day because they are in the same state. The two colored plastics came from across the country and still took less than a week. Everything has been great so far (I ordered several times).

They also have an Amazon shop, which has a flat 9.99 shipping, so if you don’t order enough for free shipping, or their coupon discounts aren’t enough to cover the shipping cost, I’ve used their Amazon shop too. Only thing is when I order from their website, the more you order, the cheaper sheet materials get, at a number far less than your JPPlus discount rate. So ordering from Amazon might cost me 13 dollars a sheet, but ordering from their website will end up at 11 a sheet.

It’s a big math game, but I like them and their customer service is great. I only order sublimation supplies from JPPlus now, or recently, 1/8th walnut because Trotec was out of stock. I’ve never ordered from Inventables, though I’ve checked them out several times, their prices is always so much more than either Trotec or JPPlus.

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