Inventables 2 color 1/8" Acrylic help

Any advice out there for cut settings? I keep ending up with sticky edges. Rubbing alcohol seems to help decently for clean up but not ideal. Cut it at 150/95 1 pass.

I’ve used it only briefly and used settings very close to what you are…150/100 1 pass. Don’t know what to tell you otherwise. Welcome to the community!


Are you keeping the clear masking on?
It tends to make a gooey mess at times to me, so I always remove it and either burn with no masking or mask it anew with a medium tack paper.


First time I left the film on, second time I removed it and switched to paper. I have read a few places that extruded acrylic vs. cast sometimes is the culprit of stickiness so I’m not sure if that is just how it will be.

Quite frankly, I don’t like using the stuff. Like @brokendrum, I ended up removing the plastic film and replacing it with paper masking…but, I still ended up not liking it. I was working on making some acrylic awards with text engraving on them. Just didn’t look very good so I gave it up and went another direction. And…it’s quite expensive, too.

Yeah I’m a bit disappointed with it as well. It is very pricey, but liked the two color aspect. Has anyone found any other places that offer the multicolored material?

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I don’t know if you’ll have much better luck. I’m pretty sure what I was using was also from Inventables. And, I think all of these kinds of acrylic are extruded.

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BF Plastics.

I think it’s all made by Rowmark.


Exactly… they are likely all sourcing from the same manufacturer - and even if there is more than one, they all manufacture the same way.

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