Inventor to Inkscape to Glowforge (.ipt to .svg)

I am trying to take inventors parts .ipt files and import/export them to save them as .svg files so that I can cut them with the glowforge, any ideas

Can inventor save natively to .pdf? Because Inkscape can open the .pdfs if you want the .svg - or the :glowforge: can print from .pdf


Evidently that is a good question because there isnā€™t a direct way to make SVGs. That whole getting from 3D to 2D seems a lot more complicated than it should. Interoperability issues are the bane of my existence.

This post seems to have a pretty good break down of it that allows you even to designate colors for the lines. Seems a bit clunky with all the cutting and pasting, but you do get a PDF.


Inkscape can open 50 or more file types, including AutoCAD (dxf)ā€¦ Find something your app can save to that matches.

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Have you tried searcing the internet in general for converters? I have one that works for ai files so i can open them in Inkscape and save as SVGs (before someone says otherwise, maybe other versions of Inkscape will open ai files, but the one i have loaded does notā€¦).

So Iā€™m sure there are converters out there that will take the ipt and let you open in Inkscapeā€¦

Try convertio it may work:

You can export DXF files from Inventor which Inkscape can open.

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