iPad cover cover

I got tired of the cheap plastic back on my iPad Pro (2018) Smart Keyboard cover… it doesn’t hold up all that well to time and abuse. (And there’s a few other people with the exact same cover at the place where I work.) I didn’t want to do something super fancy or bulky, but I do like natural materials, so I made this:

It’s cut from the single-ply paper-backed veneer from www.cardsofwood.com. Telling the GF to use proofgrade veneer settings seems to work okay for cutting, but scoring it that way (to make the bend points, um, bendier) cuts almost all the way through, so the scores are at 175/2. Then it’s just stuck onto the Apple cover with spray craft glue. (One of the kinds that’s removable if you use it lightly, so I can redo the whole thing, albeit with some gummy mess, if I feel like it later.)

This design is a bit of a tradeoff — it’s a nice look when wrapped all the way around the spine, but it prevents reversing the cover completely. On the other hand, the cover bunching up at the spine means you can prop it like this, which the Smart Keyboard Folio doesn’t do otherwise:


Looks great.

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Major upgrade. Well done.

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Looks stunning. I want to try this.

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Looking at woods hard to beat. Nice job!

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