iPad Pro 10.5 Skin with pocket for Apple Pencil

I looked all over to find a good protective skin for my iPad pro 10.5 that had a slot to hold the Apple pencil. My wife made a pocket on the back of her iPhone a couple weeks ago to hold her bus pass.

So we did a bit of modification on that design and…

Still needs some bumpers for the corners and sides. I’m thinking sugru reinforced a bit.


Awesome. How did you make that? Is that a case you bought or did you make it from scratch? :grin:

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Very clever! :grinning:

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Wow! That looks good!

Phone case is the standard leather iPhone 8 case.

In bothe cases it is sticky backed proofgrade veneer and leather. Holes cut in advance and leather sewn using a saddle stitch to the veneer before peeling off the backing and sticking.

The sewing on the iPhone is the same just stuck to the case rather than directly to the iPad.

On the iPad I cut the walnut as an inlay which came out seamless on my first try.

Wonderful design!