iPad Pro 9.7 Inch Sleeve Prototype

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little while since I shared my last project with you all, so I wanted to show you one of my latest projects! This is a prototype leather sleeve for my iPad Pro 9.7 inch with an Otterbox defender case on it. During the design stages of this item, I decided to add a fold over top with a button to keep the iPad Pro tucked securely within the sleeve. I also designed three pockets on the larger surface that would allow one to store pens, wallets, passports, small sketch books, and so on.

Since this is my first prototype for the leather iPad Pro sleeve, I knew I was going to have some errors to fix in the next iteration. Although it’s sad for me to admit, my iPad Pro does not fit inside the final outcome with the Otterbox case, however, it does fit on its own! In addition, the Apple Pencil doesn’t fit in the pencil holder.

Although it didn’t work for the design intent, I’m still excited to share it with you all! I’ll be making another one soon with all of these modifications! Until then, here are two photographs of my first leather iPad Pro sleeve prototype!

Let me know what you think! :smile:


Looks dandy to me! :sunglasses::glowforge:


That’s pretty sweet.

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Looks wonderful!

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Fantastic looking. I envy your stitching skills.

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Beautiful! Thanks for showing us :smile:

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Fantastic stitching and the pockets welcome.