IPad stands

My wife asked for a stand that would allow her to stand her IPad up vertically but allow her to charge it while using it. She wanted the button on the bottom. I made her two one practical and one a little more whimsical. Both done in Inkscape.
IPad HolderIPad Holder-1


Nice design! :grinning:

They look great!

I don’t see the file. Did you mean to post this on Made On A Glowforge? If so, I can move it for you.


IPad HolderIPad Holder-1

I am having a problem loading the files. ?

IPad Holder.pdf (5.1 KB)
IPad Holder-1.pdf (12.8 KB)


I posted them as pdf and that worked . I tried both Inkscape svg and plain svg and neither would post.


Thank you!

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The SVG files are there in the original and in your repost. They’re just really small, you can edit the post and change the size if you like.

I do not know how to make them larger. Any help in doing this for future reference.

IPad Holder

IPad Holder

IPad Holder|20x12](upload://rOUIsQ7afZyOvlWyPBa3iPvp3C4.svg)

When you upload, where it says 20x12 just above here, change those numbers. At the top I put 200x120 and just under it I made it 400x240 (being lazy, I just multipled by 10 and then doubled to keep the dimensions in the appropriate ratios)


That’s how I usually do it.

Except being lazier, I tend to stop after the “multiply by 10” step :smile:


I’ll use the “illustrative purposes” defense :slight_smile:

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Thank you I will do that in the future.