iPhone 12 size templates to test in-hand feel...which to choose?,

It’s very soon going to be time to upgrade from my iPhone 6, and my wife was recently informed by our friends at AT&T that the technology in her flip phone (yes, that’s right) will no longer be supported as of early next year.

So since we’re going to be getting new phones, I wanted to be sure that we both selected the right model, at least based on size, given the cost of any smart phones these days, much less the latest iPhones.

Please note, these are not guaranteed to be size accurate, but based on all of the publicly available information on the diagonal screen sizes, and the form factor / shape Apple has used previously, as well as Series 12 mock ups that have been out in the wild, I took one of the mock up photos that show the various dimensions, and scaled it appropriately, to get the specified diagonal measurments for the three sizes that are rumored to be announced next week.

End the end, holding these in our hands actually pushed both of us to the Pro Max model because of the form factor, and the fact that our eyes are not as good as they once were. Bonus is that that model is supposed to have a (slightly) better battery life.

I thought I’d share so anyone else who is thinking about getting a new iPhone can save a few minutes mocking them up to get a good feel.

FYI, since the width us supposed to be 7.4mm, it will be just a bit thicker than 2 sheets of medium proofgrade draftboard - so print 2 and glue / hold them together for thickness.

Hope some find it helpful.

iphone 12 cutouts



Oh hey Todd, did you mean for this to go in Free Laser Designs? Usually Made on a Glowforge is for showing things you have made. I’ll be happy to move this to the other topic if you like.

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Yes, that was the intent… if you could move it there, I’d appreciate it. It’s been a while since I’ve been posting, as you know, because of the puppy. My next project, puppy-related, is making a banister brace for the baby-gate we use to keep him on one level of the house at as time…

That one will definitely be in MOAG, as it will be complex, dealing with curved posts, etc, and if ever completed, will be quite an accomplishment. :wink:


Thanks for the file. My iphone 6 still serves me well.

My 6 has been losing battery performance, and after 6 years, that’s a pretty good run. Plus, I want a better camera when I’m on the run with the new puppy, so it’s about time.

Of course, it will be purchased on my amex to double the original warranty (one more year - and Amex tacks that on to the end of AppleCare+, so if it does die I. The Amex year, the full purchase price is refunded to my Amex right after I get a replacement - which will repeat the cycle.

Haven’t gotten to use that for my iPhones - it it did cover four different blackberries over a 7 year period… all for the price of the first one.


Won’t the actual sizes come out tomorrow at their event? Curious what the iphone 12 will bring. I, too have a 6 and its battery life is troubling.

I went based on the rumors and leaks that I’ve been circulating, since most of them all agree on sizes

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The actual specs were announced yesterday, and there’s a nice comparison page:

Your template is great for checking size, but I suspect most laserable materials aren’t heavy enough to feel quite like the real thing. :smile:

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