iPhone 7 Plus engraving

This was easy! manual depth of 0.28 and Full Power engrave. Love it. Now to think of a design for my MacBook Pro.


Awesome! :grinning:

All phones should have that on them I would think. :sunglasses:


Same setting I did I want to do a iPhone x but scared I might break it

I know… This was my friends iPhone7, I want to do my X too, but I guess I should test some glass engraving first! I’ll probably do it!

It also kills your resale value.

I haven’t sold a single piece of outdated electronics in my life :slight_smile:



That looks really sharp. Do you mind sharing the feedrate and lpi?


Just the defaults… the Glowforge can’t cut through any type of metal, so it just takes the coating off.

I own a $5k laser cutter… this isn’t a concern for me. Tax write offs…


I’m curious what it would do to the underlying paint layer on the iPhone X, 8 , and 8 plus. Not to mention on the other phones being made these days. If it passes through the glass too easily it wouldn’t be as big a deal on the tops and bottoms, but my concern would be the wireless charging coil in the center of the X. Also would be kind of cool to see what it would do to that paint layer if it does go through, but definitely say goodbye to your warranty, and from the videos I’ve seen the glue Apple has gone with to adhere the back panel is very unforgiving. Not trying to discourage anyone from doing it, though!

Same here, I still have serial port cards, Palm Pilots, etc…:sunglasses:

Here’s my first attempt at engraving an iPhone 6. The first pass didn’t seem dark enough so I made a second pass at lower power. Low tack tape used. I think just one pass at 1000/100 would have worked just as well.

First pass: 1000/85, 270 lpi
Second pass: 1000/75, 270 lpi


Looks great! :grinning:

Too cool! Wish mine wasn’t rented.

Hey guys I have an iPhone X I want to try. My only concern is the laser bouncing up off the glass is that a thing? I’m new here so every single thing I have that can be engraved will be lol I just don’t wanna break anything glowforge wise

Turned out great :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to build up the courage to do this to my phone hehe