iPhone 8 engrave...duh duh dunnnn



So I did it, Ive been engraving iPhone and computers and iPads left and right. I decided that I wanted to try and iPhone 8 and as many of you know…those are glass. I cranked up the GF to 1000 speed and full power. I masked the iPhone with painters tape, hit the blinking magic button and crossed my fingers!

Not too bad! Its super subtle but I kinda of love it (by the way my name isn’t Mike like the user name says, thats my dad. Hi I’m Tianna and thats why all of my posts look girly) :joy:


Nothing wrong with subtle. I like it.

If you want — I think you can make your own forum account (if you want) by clicking on “add user” from app.glowforge.com ; it’s on the upper-right of the page. That also gives you your own design space in the Glowforge app (don’t know if you’re sharing the Glowforge, or what).


Tianna, you are a wildwoman. I don’t think I’d have been the guinea pig on that one. Very cool.


basically, he bought it I use it :stuck_out_tongue: so I should make my own account :stuck_out_tongue:


haha I figured better my phone then someone else! That a what AppleCare is for right?!?! :wink:


Great job on it!


I haven’t read the contract, but “intentional laser damage” is probably totally covered. Seems fair. :slight_smile:


I mean I would think so!!!


Anyone remember the days then Apple would laser engrave 2-3 lines of text on the back of iPods for free when ordered direct? Who knew we’d be able to engrave our own?!?!


That’s awesome! You could rub a little paint into the engraving and then wipe it off the surface. Nice going.


They still do that!


but not as purrty as yours.
Nice personalization.
I like it.


Oh, great job! And nice to meet you Tianna (tell mike “hi!”)!


haha Ill tell him you said hi! :stuck_out_tongue: