iPhone, Galaxy Cell Phone Tablet Stand

This is a simple portable stand that may be used for cell phones, tablets etc. I originally designed a similar one to be 3D printed and I wanted to make one that could be laser cut. This one has interlocking joints that are tight enough to hold it together. They will not fall apart so no gluing is necessary. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or brief case yet it will hold an iPad or similar tablet.



Great design! Simple and very functional! Need to make one of these myself!

It’s designed on a CAD. I would post the drawing but I’m not allowed yet as a new user.

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Also works a business card holder. Would be better if it was wider.

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Which is a simple change, if needed. Making things that are helpful to our home /office organization and the things we do … are the best.

Just need to make longer attaching pieces

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Excellent design! When you do post it, be sure to do so in the Free Laser Designs category–people will find it easier there.

Very nice! :wink: