iPhone Measure app to quickly capture a design idea

EDIT: The app is called Measure. If it isn’t included on your iOS device already, it is a free download from the App Store. iMore has a good tutorial, as usual. How to use the Measure app on iPhone | iMore

I was at my favorite restaurant – Tommy’s Mexican in SF (best tequila bar in the world) – and was once again admiring the little booth side flower holders. Pulled out my iPhone and used the built in Measurements app to quickly get the dimensions:

An hour or so of stumbling through Fusion 360 (I don’t know what I’m doing-- would have been MUCH longer without @jbpa’s plugin Need testers: TabGen (Fusion 360 Plug-in) improvements - #20 by jbpa) and I had a workable design!

This is a draft print on BB plywood. Not sure what wood I’ll use in the end. And I might redo the design to use thicker material (I didn’t parameterize on the first pass. Oops).


That’s a damn hand app! Those are sure to get the owner’s attention.


What’s that app called, I’m wondering if it’s on my iPad?

My older daughter says yes. And she showed me how to use it :slight_smile: Isn’t that what kids are for LOL


I can figure out how to use it if I know what it is called…

Edit: Never mind, I found it, cleverly called “measure”. Wasn’t on my iPad but is apple and was a free download. Works great, and will be used a LOT!

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Sorry @markevans36301. yes, it is called ‘measure’. When my kids are around I always save time when it comes to iPhone apps. I save my time and energy for Illustrator since they are useless for that.


Great resource! Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for the shout out for @jbpa’s plug-in. I missed his original post.


I’m just continuing to build on what @dehne1 started.


Wow, cool app … and nice turnout!

I’ve had that app for a long time, but seldom use it. Now that you’ve posted about this, I may find renewed use. Thank you.