iPhone+Watch+AirPods MagSafe charging station, mark II

My first attempt at this served well for a couple months, but the glued joints were fragile, and I wanted something that looked a little nicer, too. Here’s the second version, with a bit of build log along the way.

Again the main construction is in :proofgrade: draftboard. This time there are two of the legs that hold the hinged piece up, more centrally placed, and attached with finger joints.

You can also see the engravings in the sandwiched part of the assembly for rounding cables and hiding the Qi charger coil and its circuit board.

For a nicer look this time, I cut veneer (:proofgrade: cherry) to cover the outer surfaces. Not only does it have a pretty finish, it hides some of the cable routing and finger joints. It also bends smoothly around the living hinge curve for a fun effect.

My original plan was to also put veneer in the little depression where the AirPods case goes (since I get a cutout of that shape anyway)… but I decided I liked having that a little deeper, so it keeps the engraved-charred look for now at least.

For anyone trying their hand at similar ideas: expect to play around with angles a bit before you settle on a design. My iPhone 12 goes caseless, and sits just fine… but my daughter’s 12 mini has a third-party case that still supports MagSafe accessories, but needs a shallower angle to stay on a charger like this.


Looks really nice with the veneer!


This is really cool! The veneer really takes it to the next level!

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Now THAT is how you use veneer!


Great project and product! The look you achieved is very nice!

The veneer makes it! Always getting new ideas from everyone here! I just happen to have bought some veneer…now I know how I’ll use it. Great project!