Iris calculator review on Make


Don’t know if folks saw this (didn’t find a thread mention) of the review last week of the iris calculator. Seems very useful.


That is awesome. Thanks! It’s weird, I was thinking of how to make a mechanical iris this morning.


I love :heart:️ this forum:-)


If you speak a little more clearly into your desk lamp, it will be easier for me to find these articles for you in the future… :smirk:


An iris is on the list for future projects, so bookmarked! Thanks :grinning:


Another example of Glowhivemind at work…


One of my projects is to create a dry spaghetti portion measurer using an iris somehow.


Really cool, but too bad its a subscription - I would have loved for it to be $20 to buy and not worry about it anymore.


yeah for something i would use so infrequently it really chaps my hide to subscribe. i’m not against subscription software in general, but i do get frustrated at how pervasive it’s started to become.


I guess this is where the $5/month comes in, but knowing me it would turn out to be 3 months by the time I was finished with the project.


Thanks! My brother and I have been talking about the best way to make one!


Did you know that your spaghetti spoon provides a way to portion for you? Check it out Spaghetti Portioning Spoon.


Thank you for the enlightenment:+1:




The Thingiverse link looks interesting and I recognize it is more for cosmetic/accessory

But do you think (with the different filaments you have used), this could be used with lighting control (with a potential heat interaction). I am thinking of LED’s to keep the heat to a minimum.

What material would best (smoothness of motion, clean edges, minimal light bleed)?