Iron on transfer

Thanks to jonnyvermont in this thread for getting me started with the settings and a product recommendation. The siser easyweed was indeed easy.

One challenge I came across that was solved with some tape is the final cut can get sucked by the fan and end up in some odd spots. I’m still not able to find an “e” from my testing. Even longer strips would curl on the final cut and sometimes get in the way. Masking tape along the back solved this problem.

Game night shirt.


Looks great! :grinning:
Glad to hear it cuts well, I just got a roll of black in to play with.
(That’s the laser-safe kind, right?)

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:
(Wasn’t sure all Siser was polyurethane. I know the heat-transfer vinyl is.)

My best friend would get a kick out of this shirt! Great results, for sure.

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