So I thought this would be fun to try
Laser engrave and then add a bit of color


UV Printed on top of the engrave


Everything is a mutatable meme! ie this gives me ideas.

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Cool media melding! :sunglasses:

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“UV printed on top of the engrave”

What does that mean?

UV printing is a process of a glorified ink jet printer that the ink is dried by UV LIGHT it is a machine that can basically print on almost any media that is under 4” tall. - does that help?


Sounds cool! What UV printer do you have? and do you enjoy it too?:grinning::+1:

Thanks, I wasn’t familiar with that. What do you think was achieved using the engrave and the UV printing together, that is better than the UV printing alone?

My question as well. Does the engraving really add enough?

I have a Roland 300

It gave the print great depth. Instead of a flat picture you get a picture with texture - Just that little extra


You are really using your big boy toys to the max.

Well, I certainly agree it looks great! Is the Roland a flatbed device? And did you do something special to deal with the registration/alignment of the UV color printing after the engrave and cut?

Hey how did you cut it out that is the issue I am having the most

@dan If you don’t already have it on your list of Glowforge attachments, you should look into the possibility of making a UV printer head. It would be a great combo.

The Roland is a flat bed device. I built the complete project in Illustrator and shut off the Print layers and then I just printed the “cut” line from the glowforge on the UV so I had placement and place the engraved cut piece inside the line and printed the image

Here is another one I did. Trying to show the depth - Looks ok in the photo - but the guy I did it for LOVED it.


Looks Great! but the Roland os about 4 times the cost of the :glowforge:

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Dang I want one of those now too. That is on the front of my car…

However, I will have to save up for a Roland apparently. Wow.

Yes but since I own a print shop and already had the Roland I thought what the heck let’s try this

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Lucky you! and it is a great combination.