Is anyone else getting this image fails at the bottom of their screens?

I just started getting these in the last day or so

At the very bottom of the window I have the community open in. They’re related to my AdBlock - but they never used to happen so something has changed…I figure I’d get more data before I throw it at P&S.

I’ve gotten them all day today, but only on my pc. Nothing on my phone. And I only noticed it on the forum.

I had not seen the broken images, but I just checked my development console in the browser and there are over a thousand JavaScript errors!

I am wondering is something is broken with Discourse?


Nothing here (Chrome/Mac).

Do you use any sort of AdBlock?

This is what I’m seeing

I am getting them too. I noticed it starting yesterday. There is some text that pops up down there but is so quick that I can’t read it, but I did see the word glowforge there. I am using Microsoft Edge
Version 88.0.705.74 (Official build) (64-bit)

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Weird. I use AdBlock, and our Eero network also does some preliminary ad filtering.

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Nothing unusual here at all…

I forwarded this link to support so they could contact Discourse if they wanted to. Hopefully there’s some back-end viewing that can clarify the Javascript errors and why AdBlock+Chrome both does and does not show them (though it is Windows vs Mac on that one).

Just odd. I did double check and I’m on the latest Chrome (88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit)) so it’s not that.


I started seeing them yesterday, still seeing them now. Using adblock on Mac Catalina in Chrome.

turned off adBlock, turned on uBlock Origin, stopped seeing the broken image icons.

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Hey, I just saw some, I don’t feel so left out now. :wink:


Nothing here either, Chrome/Mac

I still have them, but they are always at the bottom of my screen, and only in community. Everything else is still good.

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I wonder what’s trying to put itself down there…? The “There is x unread remaining…” has always been (and is right now) the last thing on the page.

I just realized my screenshot shows all my tabs and bookmarks. Made me reread what it is I have bookmarked and relieved there was nothing embarrassing :rofl:


I did that same scan when recording the video! :stuck_out_tongue:
It was also sad when I went to just record it and the Windows imbedded app said “your system is not capable of recording”. Not sure what its issue as, but as I never intend to record my screen again I’m not going to stress too much about it!

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