Is anyone interested in working on a marble run project together?

I am wanting to make a modular version of a marble run.
I also want to make it into a competitive game, where two sides are having to get the marbles to a certain place before the other team.
There would be mutliple ways to divert the marbles and different ways to win.

Is anyone interested on working on this together or at least talking about it?


If I were in your shoes, I’d start by buying that kit to get a feel for how it works. You can get a lot of valuable insight from something like that.


How dare you steal my idea lol. And yeah, “interested” is an understatement. My only current problem is lack of time

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Good call, I have purchased about 6 different laser cut marble runs from three different makers. It has been very insightful, but I imagine mine will diverge quite a bit. I would like it to be bigger in scale and competitive by nature. The ones currently on the market are made exceptionally well though.


What is your idea for it?

Well, I’ve probably thought more about the rules of it than how to get it to work. But basically, I’d probably make it point buy game where you spend points or get certain parts. Again only an idea, I’ve never spent a couple hour and hashed it out before

Have you seen the Quadrilla marble runs? They’re modular. The flat tracks scream to be made via GF.

I have, didn’t know that’s what they were called, but I imagine GF could make something like these fairly well

I’m sure marble fans already know, but there was (still is?) a marble run olympics YouTube channel…

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