Is "Crafting with Brenna" on here?

I’ve just loaded up the Customizable Turning Magnet - Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Magnet and found there are no instructions at all - other than in the description it says “be careful with the glue”, which is less than helpful.
It says it’s a magnet (in fact, twice) but I’ve no idea how it’s a magnet, or how it’s supposed to attach to a dishwasher…and if there’s a magnet involved in keeping the correct word showing how exactly that works.
I put in a request to :glowforge: to get instructions added, but I thought I’d reach out here to see if “Crafting with Brenna” was also on here.

It’s frustrating how many multi-part designs they’re allowing to go live with zero instructions. If you need glue, you need instructions. Grumble.


@deirdrebeth, I have not cut this particular design, but my guess would be:

1 The first magnet is glued to the center underside of the circle with the half moon window (top layer), and said magnet would fit loosely inside the “Dirty Clean” circle (middle layer).
2 The second magnet is press fitted inside the blank circle (bottom layer) to attach to the refrigerator surface, and also attract the magnet glued to the top circle. Probably the bottom and middle circles are glued together.

You must make sure the polarity of the magnets atract each other so that the top layer circle can turn freely but remains attached by attraction to the bottom layer.

Try this out and let me know how it turns out.


Once I figured out that it was not collecting metal particles inside the dishwasher, “be careful with the glue” made a lot more sense.
I downloaded it to take a look and it is a lot more simple than it looks in the GFUI. there are just three layers, and any decent magnet just glues on the bottom/back. The middle bit gets the little circle in the engraved middle pieceglued to the top and bottom pieces (where you have to be careful that the glue does not grab the rotating part)


As the piece in the center can stay in the middle bit. And if you can glue the three layers together (moving the center ring frequently to break any bonding. And then even a square or long magnet on the back does not matter as it is just holding the contraption to the dishwasher.

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Yeah, I can see quite a few ways to do it - my point is that there are no instructions. I’m actually presuming there are no magnets involved at all.

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Only to hold the piece on the dishwasher You could even cut a circle of sheet msgnet for the back.(they do mention magnets, and I would have thought that instructions were not needed also as it is pretty straight forward and their instruction standard is such a great pain that I have specialized in Coasters.

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If it’s a required piece, it should be listed in the parts - yet magnets are not listed. Any design that requires parts to be put together, no matter how simple you think it should be - should have instructions. Especially, as you can see just in this thread, we’ve come up with 4 ways to put it together…and we still don’t know what the designer was thinking.

The whole point of these designs was to make it easy for non-designers to buy, download, print, and put together without having to design anything.


I would have added a link to a magnet as I do to the cork stick-ons that are optional on the coasters. Though you could just lay it on top of the dishwasher, or use double-sided tape to make it “permanent”

Increasingly they are using stainless steel or aluminum on fromts so magnets are useless there anyway. I thought I could erase the design I downloaded but if I actually make one I will have to buy a dishwasher to go with it.


or hot glue. :slight_smile:

There is a clean dirty slider with instructions if you need one :smiley:

shameless plug.

There is a box of pre-prepped / sprayed parts to assemble more of these infront of the house, however I have labeled everything that could use one already so my motivation to finish the final assembly is low.

I need one for the dog collar.