Is Dymondwood laser compatible?


I’m curious about some of the resin impregnated hardwoods and fancy laminated veneers, such as dymondwood, gemwood, spectraply and the like. Are these products laser safe?


Generally your best bet is to google the name of the product along with the word MSDS
The first hit I got for dymondwood was:

NOTE: I am in no way endorsing that web site! It just happened to be an example first result.

Looks like in general they are phenolic impregnated. Phenolics are something I will probably avoid cutting or engraving since they all release formaldehyde which makes me sick. But lots of people are able to handle small amounts without any trouble, and good ventilation helps a lot.


Having just purchased some of what is probably the last stash of Dymondwood available I am selling it on my website. I have there a link to the manufacturers spec sheet that states that Dymondwood is indeed laserable.


That’s an excellent tip, thank you.


This stuff is incredible looking


So many cool things to do!