Is HPL laserable?



I see this week end a CNC machine made with structure pieces in HPL (High Pressure Laminate : a material made with craft paper and resin, a very strong and resistant material).

Those pieces were made on a CNC but I m wondering if someone has tried this sort of material or knows id it is laserable?



so, the answer is: it depends. i did some googlin’ and it seems for the most part that these materials are made of paper and a bunch of phenolic resin. i found a couple of papers on laser-cutting these materials. it seems like there’s nothing that should damage a laser, but there’s the standard array of toxic combustion byproducts like benzene, phenol, and formaldehyde: so, you know, vent vent vent

all that said, there may not be any standard for making this stuff, so various companies could add less laser-savory compounds to their resin makeup.


sounds like a “we want this in proofgrade” material / item to add to “the hopper”… we wouldn’t want the folks at GF to get bored :smirk:


maybe. i’m not that familiar with the material, though; it may be that basically all of it is laserable so there might not be a difference (or the reverse).


If it’s anything like laminate flooring you may be able to "laser’ it, but cutting thru may be a bit harder (multiple passes). Not sure on the vapors produced though… :mask: