Is it me?

Is it me? Is it a setting I need to change? Why do score layers ALWAYS show up as a cut layer when I load a file into the Glowforge interface? I make sure they are a different color (blue) from the cut or engrave layers, but I can’t tell you how many pieces I’ve ruined by allowing myself to be drawn in by the flashing button and not triple checking!


It is not you. A defined vector path will always default as a cut. We don’t know the secret sauce to invoke a default score.

I agree that this is an issue because it has caught me on occasions if I use default Proofgrade settings. Most of the time I set all my operations manually, but it is nice to invoke default proofgrade for certain materials.


We do but it’s a total pain to do it and it only works on proofgrade materials. It’s not worth the time.

Just setup a score in your custom settings, they’re the same thing.


But you’ll still have to differentiate since nothing is color mapped, right?

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Yeah colors are needed. I tend to put the colors down in order of operations, engraves go first (GFUI automatically does this), then I do black strokes for scores so they go first, then cuts from inside to out, in as many steps as I need to ensure that they go in the correct order, usually no more than 2 or 3 cut colors.

Having a good palette is key.

Anyway, then it’s really easy for me to keep it straight.


I use the same colors for every pattern in every design:

Black - engrave
Blue - score
Red - cuts

This way the order of operations are always the same. YMMV.


I use the same colors also:
Green- Engrave
Blue - Score
Black- Cut (but I used red for Christmas files…LOL)

Still have to change score layer to actually score.


Right, we all have to manually set score layers from cut to score.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, your files load cut, score, engrave in the app. Mine load engrave, score, then cut as I prefer to cut as the final step.

@marmak3261’s discovery and documentation of ordering by palette color in the pre-release era was perhaps one of the three most important posts in the forum.

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What’s even more of a bother for me is when they switched the default score settings around. It once was that after you selected Score from the layers panel, you’d automatically be set to the High Quality settings, but sometime last year (around June, I believe) they swapped to the, imo, inferior Draft Score.

For me, I suppose that that one change was so bizarre, I have since yet to forget to change a Score layer from Cut, because I’ve now always needed to go in to change it to the HQ, anyway. It’s odd to me that every other deafult setting is a “final” setting rather than a draft one; engraves come out just fine without tweaking the layer settings, as do cuts. Sorry for the tangent, I, and many others are in the same boat as you. I incorporate score lines in nearly every one of my designs, and had previously ruined many projects because of the GF not easily interpreting colors the way I had imagined it would.


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