Is it ok to cut onto the Glowforge bed?

Just a quick check - I do most of my design work in Inkscape but thought I’d start making use of the Glowforge shapes
So I want to cut a half circle on the edge of a piece of ply but there seems to be only a full circle tool and no eraser tool.
So is this best practice / ok to scribe a full circle - only half of which is on the ply? [I know the beam will defocus]
And is the toolset likely to improve any time soon?!

The beam will not harm or even mark the metal honeycomb portion of the crumb tray or the metal bed underneath.


That said, if any part of your design goes past the boundary of the cuttable area, the whole design won’t cut, so if it’s a large circle, this might not be a practical use case for the in-app design tools.


Just search the noun project for “semicircle”? Premium shapes should have them all.

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