Is it possible to engrave a 3D metal soccer ball?

Hi, all Glowforge experts!

Although I’m still waiting my Glowforge, I start to think what am I going to make when I get it.

I’m thinking to engrave a 3D metal soccer ball.
I’d say I’ll choose stainless.
Can anyone give me some advice if I want to made it in “one piece”(without any further adhesion)?

Truly appreciate!

I’m not sure that I understand what you are trying to do. If you want to make a mark on a stainless you will need to use a product like Cermark to do it.

This laser will not cut into metal. It can engrave the coating away on certain coated metal objects like anodized aluminum, but that is all it does. It doesn’t actually engrave into the metal itself.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :confused:


My immediate answer is identical to @Jules’. I’ve never seen a 3D metal soccer ball before. I’m guessing perhaps it’s a pendant? If you have a link to one maybe we can help better. But let’s presume this 3D metal soccer ball is, in fact, stainless. Glowforge cannot engrave or cut stainless. At least not directly. But I wouldn’t call it “bad news.” Cermark is your answer. I haven’t used it yet myself. But I’ve seen the results in several YouTube videos and I think you’ll be quite happy with it.

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Are you trying to do this kind of thing:


We can’t do that with a Glowforge with sheet metal, because it cannot cut metal. After plasma or CNC cutting this design, it still requires further adhesion (welding).

There is the paper method, using pepakura:


Paper soccer ball requires much adhesion, but very straightforward to cut with the glowforge. Can be painted metallic.

You could cut something like this from a metallic acrylic:

Lots of places sell the 3d wireframe soccerball edge-lit pieces, like this one from alibaba:

These soccer ball cupcake molds from aliexpress are apparently anodized, and would fit in the GF with the crumb-tray removed, so they could be marked.


Thanks for the waking me up… I guess I need to find another ways ^^"


Hi! Tom!

Nice guess! I want to make an outlined pendant or earring with that!

I will definitely check cermark out! Thanks for advice!

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Thanks jbv!

I guess I can’t escape the adhesive part with this design.

These are really useful references! Thanks again!

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If you want that final product to be metal, you could possibly produce a 3D engraved version of the soccer ball in acrylic or something, then use that to create a silicone mold, and then use the mold to cast something like pewter. (first video)

You can also apparently cast a metal called bismuth-tin in silicone. (second video)

And if you’re more interested in the end result, and less interested in a fun DIY project, Shapeways can appatently 3D print stainless for you.